This wiki for the IMPACT/myGrid Taverna Hackathon has now closed


It was established by the IMPACT Project and myGrid team to support the workshop held on November 14-15th 2011 at the University of Manchester, UK

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For further information on IMPACT, please refer to the IMPACT Centre of Competence website.

The Hackathon:

This free workshop showcased how scientific workflows could be used in digitisation and related fields. Using a number of tools developed in the IMPACT project the workshop explored how they interact within the Taverna platform followed by an exploration of some advanced use cases and technical challenges.

Attendees examined the general suitability of the Taverna workflow management system and the related myExperiment environment for use within the digitisation and document analysis domain, with a special emphasis on workflows related to OCR processing as were developed in the course of the IMPACT project. Related issues like long-term preservation and natural language processing were also touched upon.

The workshop brought together technical staff - 'developers' and 'implementers', rather than 'practitioners' in order to encourage the further development of the tools and investigate new solutions and features that could be developed in the near future for the benefit of the wider community.

The workshop was run by the technical staff of the IMPACT project in conjunction with the Taverna developers at myGrid.

A full report of this workshop will be made available through the IMPACT Centre of Competence Blogsite at: www.digitisation.eu/index.php?id=8in due course.


Aims of workshops were to:
  • showcase IMPACT tools in Taverna workflows
  • showcase how Taverna can be employed within a digitisation context
  • encourage further development of the solutions implemented
  • give interested developers an opportunity to meet, discuss and work hands-on with the tools and workflows
  • improve the implementation of IMPACT tools in Taverna or fix issues in Taverna relevant to IMPACT
  • explore alternative scenarios for adopting Taverna for digitisation related matters, such as e.g. long-term preservation - SCAPE


The hackathon used the hashtag: #impacthack
You will be able to follow announcements about the event via Twitter by searching for the above tag and/or by following the IMPACT Twitter account