Workshop Materials:

Workshop Slides

Clemens Neudecker - Introduction to IMPACT - hackathon.ppt
Katy Wolstencroft - Taverna tutorial slides - impact_TavernaTutorial.ppt
Rob Haines - Taverna Server as a Portal - IMPACT-rubygem.pdf
Shoaib Sufi - Taverna Roadmap - tav-roadmap.ppt

Background pre-requisite materials:
Mostly Java with build tools Maven/ Ant and some experience with web services (WSDL/SOAP/REST) and web applications deployed as Java servlets. Background knowledge in digitisation, OCR or long-term preservation is not required, but benefical for understanding the domain specific issues.

For Taverna:


If you have any other background materials that you would like to recommend for this workshop, or if you would like to ask any questions regarding what these materials, please do just post in the discussion tab.